Challenging large manufacturers requires experience and knowledge, especially since most big companies have legal teams prepared to fight to protect their reputations and limit any product liability claims against them.

Consumers have rights when they purchase products – and though it may be over-simplifying, users have to trust they will be safe when using the items. Manufacturers have to produce safe products, and may be held liable for defects – even those found after the manufacture and sale of the products.

There are many types of products that could lead to issues that will land companies in court. Defective medical items. Dangerous drugs. Defective vehicles. Childrens’ products. Each different type of product carries its own specific type of challenges. The Dearie Law Group can be your advocate as you defend your rights as a consumer.

Especially here in Washington State, there is a specific set of laws focusing on product liability. The Washington Products Liability Act, passed in 1981 by the state legislature, focuses on the reasonable safety of products, to give more protection to consumers.

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