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Semi-Truck Collisions

Representing Trucking Collision Victims

Semi-trucks are a double-edged sword. They are an engine of our economy, transporting approximately 72% of all U.S. freight. But they are also accountable for over 100,000 injury-causing accidents each year. At around 35,000 pounds empty and 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, even low-speed semi-truck collisions can result in significant, life-changing injuries. Every semi-truck driver and company must make safety their highest priority in order to prevent tragedy. Unfortunately, some trucking companies put profits over compliance with the rules and regulations, and more importantly, the safety of every day commuters.

The Dearie Law Group appreciates the stress, confusion, and frustration that can result from being hit by a semi-truck. Oftentimes, numerous parties are involved, and many different groups may be held liable for damages. Meanwhile, insurance companies will be working to limit the amount of damages they pay on behalf of a trucking company, with their adjusters taking a callous approach (regardless of the company’s and the driver’s wrongdoing) in an attempt to settle a claim as quickly and for as little money as possible.

DLG Attorney Drew Lombardi began his legal career defending trucking companies, from single owner-operators to Fortune 500 companies, and their insurance carriers. Now, he specializes in representing people that have been injured by a semi-truck. DLG Founding Attorney Ray Dearie has handled a number of trucking injury cases as well. Drew and Ray understand that semi-truck accidents are different from your everyday fender-bender. For example, semi-trucks and other commercial motor vehicles are subject to a web of federal and state regulations that must be followed to keep the public safe. Drew and Ray are well-versed in these regulations and often use them to their advantage as evidence of negligence and carelessness by both semi-truck drivers and the companies they drive for.

Whether you’re a commuter, a pedestrian, or even a trucker hit by another trucker, the Dearie Law Group will be your advocate while the trucking company and their insurer fight tooth-and-nail to avoid liability.

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