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Defective Products – Product Liability

Challenging Corporations When Their Product Causes Injury

Every purchaser of a product should be able to use the product without it causing severe injuries. However, negligence in the design, manufacturing, labeling, or sale of a product often results in catastrophic consequences for more than one purchaser. If so, injured purchasers may have a product liability lawsuit.

There are many types of products that could lead to issues that will land companies in court. Defective medical devices. Dangerous prescription drugs. Defective vehicles. Defective childrens’ toys. The list is virtually endless, and each different type of product carries its own specific type of legal challenges. Regardless, Dearie Law Group is always prepared to be your advocate and vindicate your rights as a consumer.

Challenging large product designers, manufacturers, and sellers requires trial-tested attorneys like the attorneys at Dearie Law Group, especially since most big companies have legal teams prepared to fight to protect their reputations and limit any product liability claims against them. If you have been seriously injured by a defective product, false advertising, product contamination, a failure to warn, or another form of negligence in the design, manufacturing, labeling, or sale of a product, contact the Dearie Law Group today for a free consultation.

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