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Police Misconduct

Holding Law Enforcement Accountable - Excessive Force & Misconduct

Law enforcement misconduct lawsuits are often difficult and complicated. Yet, they are also some of the most important cases, vindicating the rights of someone that has been wronged and leading to reform. For example, Founding Attorney Ray Dearie served as co-counsel in an excessive force case against the King County Sheriff’s Office that settled for $10,000,000 during the third week of trial. In that case, Ray’s client was wrongfully identified as suspect in a violent bar fight, then slammed into a concrete wall by a Sheriff’s Deputy, resulting in a catastrophic brain injury.

Dearie Law Group is committed to helping clients gain justice for victims of police misconduct such as excessive force. We have expertise in litigating all forms of civil rights and police misconduct cases, including:

  • Excessive force
  • Police shootings
  • Wrongful convictions
  • Unlawful arrests

If you have been the victim of police misconduct or a civil rights violation, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.

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