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Government Liability

Representing You Against Government Misconduct

Local and state governments are obligated to protect their citizens and provide certain services. Among other issues, inadequate design, faulty investigation, improper oversight, and misconduct can lead to situations where the health and safety of citizens are at risk. For example, government agencies are responsible for designing and maintaining safe roadways and sidewalks. If these means of travel are not designed or maintained appropriately, people can be seriously injured in car accidents, car versus pedestrian collisions, slip and falls or trip and falls, and other types of injury-causing events, and the government and its agencies may be held liable.

If you’ve been injured by the negligence of a government agency, it is imperative to have an experienced and trial-tested attorney who can advocate for you against the machine of government. The Dearie Law Group regularly represents clients who have a claim against a municipal, county, or state government. We appreciate that suing the government can be an intimidating proposition. But with the Dearie Law Group by your side, we will make ever effort to hold the government responsible for falling short of its obligations.

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