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Alcohol Sales & Service Liability

Drunk Driving Crashes & Over-Service Liability

Restaurants and bars cannot serve alcohol to customers showing signs of intoxication, or to people who are not of legal drinking age. This is established by Washington’s dram shop laws. If they do, and if the person they over-served injures someone, then the drinking establishment can be held liable. The most common example is injuries caused by a drunk driver: if the drunk driver was apparently intoxicated but a bar served them anyways, then the drunk driver crashed and injured someone, the bar may be liable to the person the drunk driver injured.

The Dearie Law Group is well-versed in dram shop and over-service cases. We regularly represent people who have been injured by drunk drivers or another intoxicated person’s negligent and reckless actions, and we are experienced in investigating a bar or restaurant’s liability for over-service. If you, a family member, or a friend has been seriously injured by a drunk driver or intoxicated person, please contact us to find out whether you may have a dram shop case.

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