Understanding your legal rights is imperative if you have been involved with as complex a case as trucking accidents. Whether you are a trucker, another driver or a pedestrian involved, the Dearie Law Group can work with you to identify any types of compensation that may be available to you.

In these cases, there are often numerous parties involved, and many different groups may be held liable for damages. Insurance companies will be working to limit the amount of exposure. Dearie Law Group will be your advocate as corporate dollars flow to fight liability.

Every truck faces challenges of road conditions and the quality of other drivers. Accidents with large vehicles can cause major injuries, broken bones, and other severe injuries. Plus, the physical injuries are not the only consequence of truck injuries. The injured may have a psychological challenges driving after accidents. Truckers may not be able to put the accident out of their minds.

Dearie Law Group’s experience, expertise and aggressive approach will help in your trucking injury suit, regardless of how large or small the case.

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