An estimated 12,500 Americans suffer Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) in this country every year. The medical expenses faced when a spinal cord injury is suffered can be overwhelming.

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The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center states that some common causes of spinal cord injury are:

  • Car and other vehicular accidents (39.2% of spinal cord injuries)
  • Falls (28.6%)
  • Acts of Violence, such as gun shot wounds (15.3%)
  • Sports and Recreational activities (7.9%)
  • Spinal cord injury can also be caused due to medical and surgical complications involving the back and the neck. In some of these cases, a spinal cord injury may have been avoidable, and the error might rise to the level of medical malpractice.

A financial award in a SCI case is to compensate an injured person for losses incurred due to the accident and injury. To the extent that a financial award (“damages”) can provide, the payment can help to restore the injured person to his or her pre-accident condition.

In these cases, damages often include awards that are more than reimbursement for incurred medical expenses and “pain and suffering.” Since spinal cord injuries can cause permanent and life-altering trauma, damages can also include compensation for ongoing health care and rehabilitation, the cost of assistive devices (like wheelchairs), and changes to the victim’s home (like access ramps and stair lifts).