Medical malpractice cases can be among the most emotional and devestating. When patients suffer injury, or even death, from preventable medical errors, Dearie Law Group can help guide you through the steps in holding the providers accountable for medical negligence.

Health care professionals, including physicians, nurses and other practitioners — and healthcare facilities, are required to provide services within established patient care standards. Medical malpractice cases can arise when healthcare providers or organizations make avoidable mistakes, or create error-prone care environments that lead to injury or death.

We have experience and expertise working on medical malpractice cases. Medical misconduct can happen, and if you need a malpractice attorney to assist you, look no further than Dearie Law Group. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Dearie Law Group has relationships with numerous medical experts in a wide variety of specialties and subspecialties. These cases are often very difficult and time-consuming. It has to be proven that there was a violation of the standard of care by the provider, and that the cause of the harm to the patient was the provider’s deviation from the standard of care.