When up against legal action with government entities, it is imperative to have an attorney experienced with government liability. The Dearie Law Group represents clients who are entering into lawsuits against the government. It can be an intimidating proposition, considering suing the government. But with Dearie Law Group by your side, you can hold the government responsible when it falls short of its obligations.

Local and state governmental departments are legally bound to provide certain services. Poor design or execution can lead to situations where citizens are put at risk. If you are looking to go to court with a governmental agency, you need an experienced and trial-tested advocate who can represent you against the machine of government. Dearie Law Group is a government liability expert that can help you through every step of your legal challenge.

For example, governmental agencies are responsible for maintaining safe roadways. If the roads aren’t designed or maintained appropriately, it can potentially lead to automobile accidents. Government can be help liable for drivers and passengers who are injured in accidents due to government negligence or improper design.