Ray has everything it takes to protect your best interests.

And he truly is, in my opinion, the person you want to represent you. After suffering from a work related Mild Traumatic Brain injury, Ray fought hard for me, genuinely caring about my well being first and foremost. Ray made sure I received the healthcare I needed and was entitled to by the Department of Labor and Industries before proceeding with depositions and mediation. Throughout the legal process Ray and Ann were extremely compassionate and understanding, guiding me and helping me through a very confusing, frustrating and difficult experience.

During the mediation process Ray was very aggressive and steadfast in his demands, but never once discounted my opinion. Trial was something I just couldn’t emotionally handle. Although he was slightly disappointed in my decision to settle and not go to trial, he respected my choice as he had done in every other instance of my case.

– Izzy Guymon